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Positionly tells you how to gain more traffic, improve your rankings and leave the competition behind.

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Improve your SEO, get better results and save time with day-to-day marketing tasks.

Search Rankings

Get found on the Internet. Pick keywords that describe your business the best and monitor your exposure in search engines. Track your progress and learn along the way.

  • Daily Keyword Rankings
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Local and Global Search Engines
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Accurate Search Volume PRO
  • Traffic Estimations per Keyword PRO
  • Search Visibility PRO

Competitor Analysis

Analyze the other companies in your field and compare your results. Track your competitor’s rankings along with yours and always stay one step ahead of your competition.

  • Back-to-back Comparisons
  • Ranking History Over Time
  • Overlapping Keyword Breakdown
  • Auto-Tracking the Real Competition PRO
  • Search Visibility PRO

Inbound Links

See who links to your website and when. Control your link building efforts and build a healthy backlink profile that will make the effects of your work durable. Section in powered by Majestic.

  • Keyword Level Search
  • Competitive Backlink Analysis
  • Link Quality
  • Separated Domains PRO
  • Domain Impact PRO
  • Trust Ratio PRO
  • In-Depth Domain Metrics PRO

Website Auditor

Check crawlability metrics of each page on your site and make sure all essential keywords are placed properly to encourage a higher click-through-rate.

  • See exactly where keywords are missing
  • Check for the main website crawlability metrics
  • Add a competitor’s URL and see where to improve

Automated Reports

Save time and delight your clients and colleagues with beautiful reports that are easy to understand. Reports can be customized, branded, automated for delivery, and even exported.

  • Manual Reports
  • Recurring Reports, sent automatically
  • Downloadable in CSV and PDF format
  • Unlimited generation for both recurring and manual
  • Email automatically to anyone
  • Customizable Templates PRO
  • Editable Footers PRO

User Invitations

Invite clients or colleagues to use Positionly and enjoy the benefits of a more hands-off approach to reporting. The more comfortable they get with SEO, the less work it creates for you.

  • Read or Write Access
  • Able to access one or many sites
  • Add notes to keep them up-to-date

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